Magda is a poet, witch and scrap-gardener…

Born and raised in London, Magda is currently living in the mountains of Colorado, on unceded Ute land, where she is apprenticing on a seed farm. Her passion for climate justice, plant-based education are matched by her interest in tarot, traditional food practices and witchy shit.

She writes Scrap Kitchen a weekly newsletter that delves into foraging, climate adaptation, food waste and tarot. Sign up to receive a Monday morning dose of recipes, plants and justice…

Magda Nawrocka-Weeks, writer and farmer wearing a red top and dungarees in front of a white brick wall. She is looking away from the camera.

The Comeback Kid- Refresh Mag

An opinion piece about recovering from burnout, reassessing priorities and moving forward. Written for the burnout theme.

Read it here.

Gardening on Grey Days- Refresh Mag

Long form piece discussing the power of plants and reconnection with nature in dealing with mental health.

Read it here

Liberties of Rejection- RefreshMag

Exploring the intricacies of rejection, from romance to careers, and the tools needed to embrace it.

Read it here

Support her work

By buying a “coffee”, or signing up for monthly donations, you are helping to fund creative work, including my weekly newsletter, published poetry and other long-form pieces. Scrap Kitchen will always be free but its creation takes time and energy, thank you for your support. 

Antonym Lit Mag

A poem about conversations with the sun, written for the Blood and Water Issue.

Read it here.

Boshemia Mag

Three poems about familial connections; lost found and remembered.

Read them here

Polemical Zine

A poem on the powerful ritual of “Glamour”, from warpaint to your favourite clothes.

Read it here

Latest Scrap Kitchen Newsletters

  • Let's get the conversation going on climate adaptation, knowledge sharing and the future of food. Discussion Thread.
  • Mabon celebrations, an incoming frost and a watery full moon. Recipes for acorn bread along with ponderings on the autumnal equinox.
  • Wasp stings, edible flowers and market stalls. Recipes for hollyhocks and how to save their seeds…
  • Scrap Kitchen 22- Attempts at camping, mushroom foraging and chats with young farmers

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