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Boshemia Mag- Bodies Issue

Boshemia is an independent online and print magazine revolving around arts and culture through an energised, engaged, inclusive feminist lens. A global collective of storytellers and activists, with a core team based in UK, USA and France, and collaborators from all four corners of the earth.

My poems in this issue explore the limitations of our bodies, and the communities we find within and without ourselves. This thought of community is further explored with a poem on the regulation and policing of bodies and the anger, defiance and hope that comes with corporeal form.

Poems include:

This collection of poems holds a special place with me as it was the first time I had ever been published. Seeing my name in print and that someone might want to read my gross, sciencey, private poems gave me the confidence to submit to other things.

A Bad Spell

Here I am
to putrefy
and testify
to the fact
that I haven’t left
this river bed
in six days
become one
with the reeds
of my pondscum mind
my muddied depths
and slow
the bile bubbles rise
to sink again.


I contain multitudes
marching and massing
a real community
the unseen me.
They eat my cheese
break my fibre
pick my battles
and keep me up.
But sometimes
in quick rebellion
they get lost
and make a mess.
But I love them still
for I am human
I am many.


It’s my privilege
to not make it personal
have my skin, my bones
my brick-walls
my weight tip the scale.
Slid between my thighs
so politically erect
forced and foddered
yet I easily ignored
never angry enough.
For everything done
to erase and subdue
search and destroy.

In youth I thought
I could only be angry
for so long.


My anger knows roots
stretching and shaking
branching to new buds
and in defiance blooms.

We will outgrow you.

Volume 02 Issue 03 // BODIES // Summer 2018
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