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Boshemia Mag – Power Issue

Boshemia is an independent online and print magazine revolving around arts and culture through an energised, engaged, inclusive feminist lens. A global collective of storytellers and activists, with a core team based in UK, USA and France, and collaborators from all four corners of the earth.

In this issue, I wrote a collection of poems on the power that a year can have. Transformative, restorative and sometimes brutal. I aimed to capture the cycle of reflection, preparation, false-starts, and cleansing.

Poems include:

My faourite poem of this collection is Summer, who’s echoing reminder to start fresh and let your passion drive you, was so quick to write and almost fell out of me…


Bring in your old gods,
on holly boughs
and let them get
punch drunk warm.
Trace sunlight gold
over all the rooms
to keep out chill
and the growing night.
Give past presents
to those loved
for gods reborn
into new made plans.
And sit with it
each of you alone
in a month of mixed spices
in hope…


From empty finger furrows
and new trod earth
comes a trip-up.
It lasted long enough
and resolutely too
but starts are false.
So facing down the dirt
you can take stock
of all as changed.
And looking up again
can see a chance
to replant feet.
Take one shaking leap
and standing now
from sodden earth.
Just one step more
you’re shaking free
come sprinting out.
And in the dust cloud
left behind
are best laid plans.


I am not who I was
so I burnt her down.

She, of hot skys
and dragged out days
She, her own fake
caught in bronze
A statue build
and to her relief
fresh rain smudge
features barely seen

I am not who I was
Made gold from green
fresh growth is gone
crisped and bent
but roots are strong
And with a light
a hiss, a flick
She, of new flame
a forest fire

I am not who I was
so I burnt her down.


In crispness begin,
the next chapter
thumb through leaves
and stamp out pages
onto the rain fresh pavement
to the un-worn carpet.
In fondness rapt,
the driving pace
falling heavy words
and litter little hopes
into the in-between seems
to the un-bent spine.
In decision made
the choice clear
to up roots and more
and shake minds free
onto something bigger
to the un-known…

Volume 02 Issue 04 // POWER // Winter 2018
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