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Dear Movies Zine- All Issues

Dear Movies is a zine for people who love film. It’s a collection of love letters to cinema celebrating the films we’re obsessed with, the films that made an impression, the films we can’t help but tell everyone we know about.

My poem in the lastest issue of Dear Movies Zine aimed to capture the feeling of a friendship I had early on in life. On that revolved around Lord of the rings and homemade Indian food.

Within the Explore issue of Dear Movies I drew inspiration from a movie that I love (Bar Bahar/ In Between) and one that I hate (Before Sunrise) and how each shows sellf-exploration.

A short but sweet poem was featured in the TELLY issue of Dear Movies where I focused on the almost lyrical quality of the TV series Sharp Objects…

For the FAMILY issue of Dear Movies I focused on a film that had been a surprisingly accurate glimpse into my own family life and which I love to this day…

Two Towers (for Deepak)

Here we sit, on faded eaten rug
and watch what, for the thirteenth time
could be the best movie ever made
As your mother, hums from the kitchen
pops cardamom in hot oil
roasts chapatis on the open flame
To me Mordor tastes, so softly
of potato curry, sweet burst peas
the tang hit of mango chutney
Ork mud and my best friend
and spiderman too, of course
if we had time, which we did
When you left I watched
the shorter version, with a neighbour
and I wondered where the film had gone
And when I eat thick dosa
though it never tastes like your mothers'
I hear the roar of Helms deep


Let us, scramble with these
words and city streets
concepts we tussle
and coddle and speak
let us go on
round and over this town
where we aim to get lost
in our own echoed sound
of our voices
close, bounced high off stone walls
and echoed in each other
I will say for you
what I want to hear
and you I
we will place intent and meaning
behind every damn syllable
and really were just
two narcissists
blinking in awe
at the cute reflection
of how we look
through the eyes of a lover.


This is not a town built for us,
but with bricks and the backs and the sweat
of our elders, the ones clutching keys
we will make it ours again
street by street.
We will fill the air with heavy toned laughter
told not to spread in out mother tongue
but in the one so close
and we will ignore, for a second, the injustice.
Three women,
each fights, bloody nailed, white knuckled
for a place for herself,
for those small moments
when she is not trapped
In Between…

Sharp Objects

It’s a poem
echoing over
and over
Drown yourself
in music
and drinks
and over and over
Brush strokes
and missed beats
and tongue between teeth
whiskey breath
hot sun low rain
and over and over and over again.

Little Miss Sunshine

The first film
to shine some light
on the happiness
of unhappy families.
Until seeing you
and seeing us in you
we seemed alone
in the way we operate.
But close to home
and colour blind
you caught us
putting the fun in dysfunction…

Latest Issue // FRIENDSHIP // Spring 2020
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