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Dogs’s Breakfast Zine

Dog’s Breakfast is an an amazing and expansive collaboration of creatives and artists that had both a online and print presence.

On the theme of RESILIANCE resilience I wrote two poems, one short and untitled about growing through things, a small reminder of the power of change, the other about my fears, for the planet, for my city and the hope of rebirth.

Poems include:

Climate change is never far from my mind, being a consistent worry of mine since the age of 7 (yes, I was a really annoying child) so writing these, while slightly sad, was also a good way to adress these worries and how they might be overcome.


In a few years, love
we’ll be sea foam
voice lost, no kiss
spilt from shampoo
drain to the sea
we’ll be bubble boats
sickly green
down a dry Thames
all methane
new life, fish bones
in a few years, love
it will be dust
wild orange skys
and we’ll begin again.


I have grown
into lovesick bones
from pavement cracks
between my ribs
bloom roses
freshly thorned.

Issue 02 // RESILIENCE // Winter 2018
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