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Spit Poet Zine

Spit Poet is a Mobile Self Publishing Project giving contributing freedom, inspiration and the ability to self-print and circulate their work.

With no theme for the 6th Issue of Spit Poet, I submitted a poem of mine that was written in the midst of winter.

This poem was formed in the middle of a cold January, where worries, dust and rain had all seeped into my thoughts. Peak SAD season. I worried about becoming one with my bed and slipping silently into old age. Thankfully I never do anything silently…

Back to bed

And we'll sink
Like fingernails dig flesh
Like dents in a mattress
Into old age

With only pain
A sprain, a fall
To keep us warm
Inside this wood walled
Cozy kind of hell

Sharp and then dulled
Pill after pill 
Till we fade into the knots
And the streaks
And the stains
And the mattress dents
Grow deeper

Vol 06 // Summer 2019
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