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RGen Nature Poems

I felt a little stagnant in my poetry-making so I decided to get other people involved. Over the course of a week I took several long walks, breathing in the local slow-living beings; trees, shrubs, stones and sphagnum.

From the collection of what I observed, I’m making Randomly Generated (RGen) Nature Poems.

Create one here

Follow the link to create your own poem, if you like what you read, or if it inspires you to write one of your own, I would love to read them. Send it to me or share it on Instagram (don’t forget to tag @xan6ua and use the hashtag #RGenNaturePoem)

Thick crunch steps
Wood chip shingle
Palid bluebells
Razor fenced vegetables
Bramble highways
Sick spruce tips
Copice scabs
Overripe magnolia
Cradled bows
Early mulch
Stolen morning dew
Ingrown meadows
Algal coves
Bustling fern tips
Winter rivulets
Holly claws
Spilt saplings
Lampless post

——- Submit your poems below ——

1 thought on “RGen Nature Poems

  1. Aged acorns

    Felled flowers

    Razor fenced vegetables

    Sunbathing gorse

    Trodden vines

    Stolen hedges

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