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Sauer Zine

Suaer Zine, a borderless ageless space for womxn creatives, aims to create a media outlet that showcases the voices and views from a broad spectrum of femininities.

On the theme of Sultry my short poem is based around the weird in-between space of autumn where people aren’t having summer romances anymore and aren’t in a rush to “couple up”.

The winter always seems to bring yearning to me, or heartbreak, longing for summer months, or to run away to a completly different country. That’s not really possible this year, but there are still chances to start over, every day, in small simple ways that can change you too.

Traveling across the United States on my own has been a great inspiration for my recent works. The theme of SOLACE called out to me through this.

From encounters with locals, to talks on long train journeys, what I was often met with was incredulity. People don’t travel across the states alone. Or so I’m told. It seems it’s just not that common. But thorugh it I was able explore, in doing so I got to carve out a space for myself and from this the poem was born. There is an odd solitue with traveling, even when surrounded by people we can feel the most alone.

September Sweat

September Sweat
In the thin red months,

between the cool condensation
on the outside of a pitcher
hot drips, lemon wedges, barbecue air

and bundled fire moments
strung-light nights, red-nosed
hot-cider fueled, short days

hang the sultry autumn days.

They pride themselves on slow-death
the wilting of sun-baked promises
and the springing up of cuffing season

adding of layers, scarfs and distance
contemplated love letters, dried flower stems
a change in the wind, on the tongue

salted, warm and wanting, they'll linger.

Lake Shore Limited

People don't do this
take a train, alone, on purpose
carve out time, odd furrows
across this fractured land
they don't sit with themselves
watch winter lakes brittle crack
the cold sun rising slow
spindle trees and left-behinds
they think I'm mad or running
breath ash on a platform
window marked traced trail
but in this rhythm I find solace
in this movement I find home

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