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Liberties of Rejection

As creatives rejections is a fundimental part of our path. Over the past few weeks I have been exploring the role of rejection within the creative process, how it shapes us and how the fear of it can hold us back.

I have adressed it in two ways.
First with a article for Refresh Magazine on The Liberites of Rejection.
Second with a section of recently rejected poems on

The Art of Rejection

Recently Rejected Works

I love the ethos behind Refresh Magazine, their commitment to amplifying marginalised voices within writing and their we’re-going-to-do-it-ourselves approach. When submitting to publication after publication so often feels like shouting into the void. As a problem this has stumped me on more than one occasion. With noone listening, why keep shouting. This was the starting point of my article on The Liberties of Rejection, how to reframe the sometimes all-too-numbing fear of rejection into something good, something transformative. In recent talks with a friend of mine we even noted how rejection almost seems like a “real writer” thing, beacuse who doesn’t like to be under-appreacted in their time. But after the small joy of being “real” wears of theres the very real problem of having to deal with the fact that someone didn’t want your work. This is what I explore within my article.

Upon writing about the Liberties of Rejection, I was rejected by three different publications in quick succession. Thank you to Dear Damsels for always providing feedback with theirs. Each of these, though for very good reasons, was a test of my resolve, if I could practice what I preached in my own damn article. Turns out I can, it just takes some time.

What these rapid-fire no’s gave me was a little time for reflection, so I sorted back through my previously rejected poems, ones that didn’t fit or didn’t work. Months old and gathering dust. Of course there were others that, I realise I wouldn’t want published anywhere. Thank fuck they weren’t. But the three I selected, those I deemed worthy, have been published on and I would love if you can check them out.

  • Still Life- Inspired by a friends amazing piece on painting, this poem explores the almost-edible qualities of art.
  • Career Goals– pretty much what it says on the tin.
  • VW– Delves into a post-apocalyptic bug-like from and the new growth from within it.

Commodifying poetry, by encouraging you to click the links, is not something I’m fully comfortable doing (yet). Ideally we would all be able to put poems into the world, they would be found and loved, and money would not even factor into it.
But capitalism is a bitch and we’re all trying to survive it. So by clicking on my links to, giving my poems a quick read, and (hopefully) a like, you will be supporting me to continue creating.
As always, this is about more than money, I am actively looking to create a community; poets supporting each other. To do this, I would love if you would leave a reply down below of your Vocal/Medium/WordPress pages. Things you would like me to check out or like or comment on. So we can all beat the anonymity of the algorithm together.

Still Life

These grapes, gauche skin
slick and painted, gives way
when bitten, to the turbid green
simple strokes, marbled teeth
render pulp and dry coat peel
Here you sit, presented
caught and calcified, pitch stain
even the shadows stalled
to take in the pungent fruit
before it never rots...

Career Goals

It will be when I walk out the office door
for the last time, though we no longer go in
and it will, in the back of my throat, be a scream
a breath, intake and out, all over again

It will make me lighter, feel softening shoulders
tension release, and then build as I walk on
purposefully so, no office chair or zoom call
a break, in some simple way, until regrown

It will have been worth it, crash course in all
the ways I'm not sure I want to be but still
enlightening, in all that I need to become
head high, and bridges intact, I'll happily fuck off.


In husks and hulking carapaces
of ancient beetles
that used to crawl
skitter and shill
round little tracks and grooves;
bloom fruit.

Crack the metal wings
lifting rust and purple hues
to let out creeping vines
let slow blooming brambles
prick through the sides
of a heavy abdomen.

And all the little paths
worn down by tired tread
and stitching hives together
overgrow with grass and bones
and leave no exit signs
but bonnets bursting, overgrown.

Refresh Magazine is a creative passion project, born from the idea that creativity is part of our fabric and a powerful way of making sense of social injustices and the world we live in.

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2 thoughts on “Liberties of Rejection

  1. I think your poetry is awesome!! Just keep at it and writing. I also struggle with the idea of commodifying poems and having somebody say this one is good this one is bad. Anymore I just write. I write like nobody will ever see my poems but me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this way of doing it, just writing for yourself and hoping for the best. Also thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it literally means the world to me 🥰


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