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Dancing Lizard

Dancing Lizard is multi-media DIY zine, which will always be accesible online, helping to showcase the varying backgrounds and interests of the folx that contributed to it.

The first issue of this eclectic and beautiful zine focused on the home-base of its creators; Folorida, with all its “gritty sweaty lure”.

When I first left to travel across amaerica by myself i spent nearly a month in Florida, from Miami, to the sleepy retirment towns, to the mad-swamps. There’s something a little manic and a little magic about the Forida air, it’s also fraught with a heavy history of “conquest” and distruction. I hope I managed to capture that here. Also for a time vegitable gardens were banned in certain towns, which is an utter fucking travesty.

One Week

The rain and fallen fruit
wash sun dirt tracts
from my lips, from cheeks
where baked-in heat
and window down drives
the swamp sunk madness
dug its nails deep in

Here the mangroves
are grown in blood
and they howl at night
just to whisper in the morning
this white shelled land
perfect sea-grape leaves
give shade but no relief

Once it tore easy through
soft night, spear tail ends
and flash of green
Gods I waited
for another to lay tracks
like Meteor sprouts
the night grows warm again.

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