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Opal Literary

Opal Literary is a literary journal established in 2020 by three active creatives. Their mission is simple: to give space to emerging writers who inspire the reader to think out of the box.

With rolling submissions Opal Lit is the perfect place to get your poems out there, published each month their prose and poetry gives a glimpes at the work emerging writers and artisits.

I wrote this poem rapidly, without pause or breath. It was more of an outpouring than a poem. In London’s winter months I long for warmer weather, for reviving rain (not this dank drizzel shit we keep getting) and for the movement that comes with it. Therres something about a good rain storm that can shake the stagnancy from your bones and wash you clean. That’s the core of this short poem.

Monsoon Season

It’s torrential
and I have never found myself

Hidden sweet between the pages
of a good book on a hot sun day
or in the lyrics of slow sung song
but here at the slid door

with just loose enough a latch
here at the edge of the world
where the wetness on the pane
pools at my fingertip, pressed

I am cool and it is blood warm
drowning rain, duck-perfect
rain to fill your lungs with
rain to fix your soul

Rain to wash in, dig your toes to root
walk heavy stepped through sodden grass
rain to drive the worms for air
to shake mosquitoes into frenzy

It’s torrential
little drips of dying and fresh air gulp of life

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