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placeholder zine

Placeholder is a brillaint new zine bringing together “the best in aesthetics and polemics”. It claims to have no rules, no themes and no judgement.

Based on my experiences at The Palace Collective this year, the poem explores the surface bubbeling anxiety that comes with new situations and the reignition of old habits you thought you had left behind.

Though I learned a lot about myself, I’m not sure if I would throw myself back into a palace-like situation again. Or if I did, I might be more cautious with my energy. Anyways, here is a short and not too sweet poem about it.


Is it a new you
or a new me
mirror ripples
an anxiety

Prove yourself
loud enough
spoken word
holding off

Can you tell
I’m diving low
sinking shallow
growing mould

Arch the ceilings
close the doors
mirror ripples
paint the walls

Is this an old world
or an old me
to find herself
befriend anxiety

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  1. thank you for sharing ❤

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