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Antonym Lit

Antonym is a monthy mag comprising of a mix of visual arts and literary content. Their mission is to provide a space for people to process, reflect, imagine, create, and express.

As we enter into the darkest months I chose to take inspiration from the sun, and the somewhat fleeting conversations we have with it during these short days. While a little harsh I hope my poem acts as a reminder that longer (warmer) days are coming.

I would urge you to check out all the amazing work in the lastes issue, some of the art is truly stunning. There are also rolling submissions for this mag and it is a great place to see you name in print.


The sky and I are in conversation
 or maybe I wont shut up
 for fear of listening to her changes
 her sweeping declarations
 painted eyelids, blue orange mauve
 and hung lanterns in her way

 We’ll take up chatter, forth and back
 walk wounds to scars
 and chase from the light, the dark
 in this I am less afraid
 to listen and to know just how
 this all too can change

 Now she peeks, though silhouette leaves
 striking figures on cold stone
 edged outlines and slow growth
 there will be rising soon
 and further noise, some ceremony
 before the midday stillness

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