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Poet Speak Magazine

Poet Speak is a print and online magaine commited to showing fellow poets/writers how to light the match and pass the flame around.

There is no theme for Poet Speak, but for their 32nd Issue I wrote a short poem on the freedom-feeling of a couple years ago and a song I couldn’t get out of my head.

It seems a lot of my poems revolve around films, things I have consumed at some point or another, that have left permanent marks, etched moments into my mind. One of the other publications I consistently submit to is Dear Movies Zine, which focuses on just this. As someone who has also announced, on more than one occasion, that I have “completed TV”, I am also looking to start writing recomendations on shows which will soon be avialable on my Vocal.Media page, stay updated on witchy wonderings, feminist series recs and sporadic poems there.

(Love) My Way

Do you remember
like I do, two short
and ever stretched years
we danced on this hill
to a summer tune and
I held my own broke heart
kept wrapped till December
poured word after word
of fresh mixed drinks
into young dark nights.

This we thought,
would be our lives and
in a while it was
and in a way it wasn’t
but we let the song run out
and the city grow around us.

Issue 32 // Spring 2020
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